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Our passion for our work has served many satisfied customers over time. The expert craftmanship paralleled with top-quality
material has paved our way to be known to many interested clients. Satisfaction is guaranteed with every penny spent on our products!


To manufacture insulated glass products that will surely sophisticate workplaces and homes.


Serve customers with fast and quality glass products that will ensure the “worth” without the “wait”!



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Growing the team to provide every home and business owner elegant glass products to magnificently furnish homes and commercial buildings. Through our products and services, all places will be decorated grandly which will amplify the ambiance within!

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Shaping a Transparent Future: Innovating Glass Solutions for
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Canada Glass Industries Inc. ensures all clients that the products crafted by our highly trained staff,
meet the prescribed safety standards.


Every home or business owner expects quality products and services at a good price.


Every home or business owner expects quality products and services at a good price.


Our Products are the eyes to a building's soul, and our glass products enhance every gaze with clarity, elegance, and brilliance.



Roomside Low-E Glass: i89
Introducing LoE-i89, our new energy-saving 4th surface coated glass. It offers more light transmittance and less reflectance than LoE-i81. And it’s now available in annealed making it less expensive. Yet it still delivers a center of glass U-factor of just 0.20 when coupled with our LoE or LoE glass and argon fill in a double-pane unit.



Low Solar Gain Low-E Glass: 366
Cardinal LoE-366 glass is the ultimate performance glass. LoE-366 delivers the ideal balance of solar control and high visibility. It’s also the one glass you can use to be compliant in every ENERGY STAR zone – in a double-pane window. Couple it with LoE-i89, and you’re compliant in the North. Its low SHGC makes it compliant throughout the rest of the country as well.


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